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If you cannot find your hotel in the list above you have two options:
  • Request to be picked up from the nearest location (if applicable)
  • Check with our reservations department for additional options.
Please note:
  • Our shuttle will be waiting for you outside your hotel at the designated time. Please be there at least 15 mins earlier.
  • If any guest requires special care, please make sure you indicate it in the next step. We will make any effort to ensure proper attention will be given.
  • Please indicate at your reception that you are expecting a transfer. We may need to contact you for last minute changes.
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Please Note:

  • To finish your booking you will have to pay in advance the amount of €. For this reason you will be redirected to a secure web page owned by the clearing bank to process your transaction.
  • After sending your request you will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail from our Reservations Department.
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